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Tighten Your Tummy in 2 Weeks is a revolutionary new program that triggers hormones to burn more fat and melt pounds and inches primarily from the belly.

A woman's tummy has now replaced her thighs as the most-troublesome body part. Seventy-six percent of women surveyed in 2014 admitted that they were unhappy with their midsection. And a large tummy is a warning sign of significant potential health issues.

QUESTION: How would you like to lose 14 inches from your waist and 14 pounds of body fat in only 14 days?

The proof is in the pictures: 41 women at Gainesville Health & Fitness in Florida tested the Tighten Your Tummy in 2 Weeks program under the direction of fitness expert Ellington Darden, PhD, who documented success stories with remarkable before-and-after photographs.

Readers can expect results similar to Dr. Darden's test panel. For example, in just 2 weeks: 

   • Roxanne Dybevick, 54, lost 15.08 pounds 
   • Angela Choate, 68, lost 14.8 pounds 
   • Katie Fellows Smith, 60, lost 14.51 pounds 
   • Denise Rodriguez, 34, lost 14.49 pounds 
   • Brianna Kramer, 23, lost 14.26 pounds 

What causes such rapid loss of midsection flab? The answer is Dr. Darden's remarkable 5-step formula:

   1. A special at-home resistance exercise technique called "15-15-15, plus 8 to 12" triggers fat cells to burn and release fat, effectively "spot-reducing" the belly. 
   2. A carbohydrate-rich eating plan of five or six small meals a day. Yes, "carbs are okay." A bagel for breakfast is on the daily meal plan. 
   3. Extra sleep at night and a nap during the day to turbo-charge the shrinking of pounds and inches. 
   4. A tummy-tightening trick called the inner-abs vacuum that's performed before every meal. 
   5. Sipping ice-cold water all day long, which synergizes the loss of fat and the strengthening of muscle. 

What Women Like You Are Saying About the Tighten Your Tummy Program: 

   • "I've rediscovered my hour-glass figure." 
   • "My jeans fit again: they feel like an old friend." 
   • "The Power Start Diet made me feel powerful ... and I like that feeling." 
   • "I love the person I now see in the mirror."

Top rated 14-lb review
best 14-lb review

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